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#74 Cooperative Learning with Dr. Ash Casey
October 16, 2016 07:33 PM PDT
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Ashley Casey completed a BSc in Sport Studies at West London Institute of Higher Education (1990-1993) before completing a Graduate Certificate in Education in Physical Education at Brunel University College (1995 -1996). On graduating he taught in a secondary school in Yorkshire for thirteen years (1996-2009) and took up post-graduate study in 2002 when he started a part-time MSc in Physical Education at Loughborough University while working at a teacher.

Ashley graduated from his MSc in late 2004 and started a PhD in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy at Leeds Metropolitan University in early 2005. Maintaining his dual role as teacher-as-researcher, Ashley’s PhD explored his transformation as a teacher of physical education from a teacher-led to a student-centred practitioner through the use of the pedagogical models Cooperative Learning, Teaching Games for Understanding and Sport Education.

Ashley took up his first lecturing post at the University of Bedfordshire (2009-2014) and completed his PhD in January 2010. Having served as course leader for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees Ashley joined the department in March 2014. Ashley has a vibrant social media presence on Twitter (@DrAshCasey) and writes and presents a weekly blog (www.peprn.com) and podcast (peprn.podomatic.com) focused on “major themes in physical education research”.

#73 Blabbermouth 101-Becoming and Ally with Dr. Martha James-Hassan
October 10, 2016 06:32 PM PDT
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In this podcast Justin Schleider and Andy Milne talk to Dr. Martha James-Hassan about becoming and ally.

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#72 International #PodcastDay with Andy Milne
September 30, 2016 11:08 AM PDT
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In this podcast Andy Milne talks to teachers and students from around the world about their perspective on certain health issues. This podcast was put together, in part, for International Podcast Day. International Podcast Day is dedicated to promoting podcasting worldwide through education and public engagement.

#71 IHT Wearable Tech with Jen Ohlson
September 25, 2016 09:03 PM PDT
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Jen Olson is the founder of Interactive Health Technologies. Interactive Health Technologies brings personalized learning to PE with easy to use fitness management software, wrist-based heart rate monitor technology and curriculum to motivate students and support teachers and administrators in measuring PE effectiveness.

Join the IHT conversation on Voxer, https://web.voxer.com/chats/1461933480782_0473376509_be7295ee

#70 Blabbermouth 101-TDfU
September 18, 2016 08:50 PM PDT
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This episode of the podcast is a Blabbermouth 101 on Teaching Dance for Understanding. Justin Schleider talks to Melanie Levenberg and Tracy Lockwood about how to implement TDfU in your class. Checkout TDfU.net for more information on Teaching Dance for Understanding.

Video of the podcast can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrlJEKqjHdE&list=PLyc73pDTmsfi7zxnVDfD4eCm4sPtlw4Bf&index=15

#69 Dr. Dean Dudley
September 11, 2016 08:22 PM PDT
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In this podcast we interview Dr. Dean Dudley, senior lecturer from Macquarie University. Dr. Dudley is a researcher in health and physical education and the host of The Fundamental Movement Podcast.

Dean is 2012 Churchill Fellow and was an Expert Consultant on the Quality Physical Education Guidelines for Policymakers published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2015. He teaches in the Health and Physical Education disciplines for pre-service teachers. Dean's research is currently focused on the assessment and reporting of physical education and the development of policy and learning outcomes pertaining to physical literacy. He is also a researcher of evidence-based approaches to health and physical education that yield large learning effects in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor learning domains. Dean's recent work has been to investigate contribution schools and education make toward the health and learning of school-aged youth.

#68 PhysEd Summit Reflections
September 04, 2016 07:27 PM PDT
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This podcast features the reflections from presenters, organizers and attendees of the PhysEd Summit 2016. The PhysEd Summit is an online 24 hour conference for health and physical education teachers by health and physical education teachers. Every session was saved and archived and can be found at physedagogy.com/physedsummit

The PhysEd Summit Crew:
Adam Howell, Sarah Gietschier-Hartman, Collin Brooks, Naomi Hartl, Matt Pomeroy, Jonathan Jones, William Bode and Jorge Rodriguez

#67 Blabbermouth 101-SOLO Taxonomy
August 21, 2016 05:38 PM PDT
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The structure of observed learning outcomes (SOLO) taxonomy is a model that describes levels of increasing complexity in student's understanding of subjects. It was proposed by John B. Biggs and K. Collis.

Five Levels of Understanding:

Pre-structural – The task is not attacked appropriately; the student hasn’t really understood the point and uses too simple a way of going about it.

Uni-structural – The student's response only focuses on one relevant aspect.

Multi-structural – The student's response focuses on several relevant aspects but they are treated independently and additively. Assessment of this level is primarily quantitative.

Relational – The different aspects have become integrated into a coherent whole. This level is what is normally meant by an adequate understanding of some topic.

Extended abstract – The previous integrated whole may be conceptualised at a higher level of abstraction and generalised to a new topic or area.

For more information on SOLO Taxonomy checkout pamhook.com

Thank you to Justin Schleider, Jo Bailey, Lynn Burrows and Jorge Rodriguez

#66 Starting off your School Year
August 14, 2016 08:46 PM PDT
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Starting off your School Year
Show notes:

Catch a Brain Wave CD - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1spJn2oXNmc

Walking Song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU1W1HdfavI

Have Fun Teaching (YouTube Channel)

Pre K:

Mark D Pencil - https://youtu.be/QIzRGPzHbMk?list=PL9TNWkKPkRU_IGAmZcqFvdoMhnU9fpGkt
Greg and Steve - https://youtu.be/j24_xH5uvdA?list=PLcUfUpoeM0iU-Vum2ZdlYATfGiYZMV58B

Upper elementary and middle school:

Scavenger hunt app: Click-a-Clue

Seesaw for digital portfolios

Google Form for student questionnaire

#65 Blabbermouth-TGfU 101
August 07, 2016 09:08 PM PDT
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Teaching Games for Understanding 101 with Seth Martin.

Additional show notes:

The Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) approach was developed by researchers at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom to tap into children’s inherent desire to play. Bunker and Thorpe (1982) developed TGfU around the concept of teaching kids games by playing games.

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